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Being the world’s second largest gold producer, mining is an emerging industry in the Philippines that is attracting several foreign companies to invest billions of dollars in the country. However, the booming industry is also beset with security issues that if properly controlled and managed will have greater benefits instead of becoming an obstacle for operations to run smoothly.

A bespoke security plan and mitigation

Having a strategic security and risks information will empower mining and extractive industry to manage their day to day operational risks. Operating in isolated and remote locations, wherein law enforcement and medical assistance are usually limited, response and assistance will take some time before it is available. If prepared for such risks and threats , it will no longer become a challenge since organizations will be able to focus on their daily normal tasks. This will make organizations in the mining and extractive industry more than capable of protecting their investment, people and overall business operations.

Area and Environmental Security
Exposed to different elements of nature and types of communities, the mining and extractive organizations in the country are susceptible to a diverse set of threats and risks. From pre-construction, establishment and actual operations, there are vulnerabilities which should be addressed proactively and reactively to ensure the success of each project. It is through an effective approach of identifying, managing and mitigating risks through developing and maintaining a comprehensive security management plan.

  • Environmental Risk Identification and Assessment/Development
  • Area and Security Threat Assessment
  • Political and Economic Risk Assessment
  • Philippine Analytical Strat Scan

Asset Protection
Different forms of assets can be found in the mining and extractive industry. It can vary from facilities, equipment, trade secrets, exploration/research findings, executives and products. Each type of asset require a specific type of security that can encompass the different threats and risks directed to it whether it is internal or external, stationary or mobile.

  • Development of Site Protection Plan
  • Transport Security
  • Executive Protection

Stakeholders’ Engagement Management Plan
Dealing with different communities, institutions and individuals, mining and extractive organizations need to adapt and manage with the cultures surrounding their operations and activities. It is in this aspect where extensive planning for the appropriate facilitation of the stakeholders is needed. Reinforcing the strategy with different risk mapping methods and in-depth knowledge of the local culture, we can provide facilities, products and operations with the right management plans that can handle potential threats or risks arising from this aspect of the industry.

  • Stakeholder Profiling
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Stakeholder Risk Matrix
  • Strategic Engagement Plan
  • Interest Analysis

Travel Management
Usually operating in far-flung areas, mining and extractive organizations need a comprehensive and critical destination intelligence that will keep them updated on the different travel information and risks in their specified areas of concern. Having an in-depth knowledge of their route and destination will equip organizations to secure their assets and be able to mitigate risks in the field whether its during their exploration or extraction activities.

  • Interactive Travel Assessment
  • 24/7 Travel Risk Monitoring and Response
  • Pre- and Post-Travel Orientation

24/7 Crisis Management and Emergency Response
Units capable of both medical and security/safety response are available round the clock both as a reactive and proactive approach towards different types of incidents. Aside from external response services, it will also be best to establish an internal Incident and Emergency Response Plan which will be able to address the specific needs of organizations in the mining and extractive industry.

  • 24/7 Crisis and Emergency Monitoring and Advisory
  • Evacuation, Search and Rescue
  • Emergency Provisions
  • 24/7 Crisis and Emergency Hotline Assistance
  • Development of Incident and Emergency Response Plan

Specialized Trainings
Since the mining and extractive industry deals with a diverse set of workforce and communities, an understanding of the culture, politics and environment is necessary to bridge the gaps and avoid the development of potential risks. Improving the knowledge of an organization through trainings and seminars do not only equip them with the right understanding but also the proper approach in handling cases related to these stakeholders in their area.

  • Socio-Cultural and Political Orientation
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training
  • Countryside Survival Techniques